Refinery Specialties

Improving refinery efficiency and productivity

Our Refinery Specialties team is focused on the needs of today’s global refining market, from the development of innovative fuel additive technologies to the provision of site-specific services. We work on the cutting edge of fuel additive technology to develop solutions that overcome the problems faced by refiners when processing and handling fuel.

With an extensive heritage of leading the development and manufacture of refinery products, we offer an unparalleled range of fuel additive products that meet and overcome the challenges faced by refineries in the processing and handling of fuel.

From processing and blending, to fuel additive treatment and storage, our products and technical services support refiners every step of the way.

Extensive and novel refinery solutions

Unlike many other fuel additive companies, we offer complete fuel additive solutions for the manufacture of gasoline, middle distillates, aviation fuel and residual fuels.  We work closely with refiners to ensure fuels meet specifications cost effectively. Whatever the fuel type, our solutions can help refiners improve operational performance during processing, blending, treatment, storage and distribution.

Our product range is underpinned by our expertise in fuel additive applications, chemistries and our understanding of fuels and markets.

Our product range is continually evolving. We work closely with refiners to help them improve refinery economics, overcome industry challenges and respond to changing market requirements.

With a global network of state-of-the-art technical facilities, our products and support services can be called on anywhere, anytime. Our market expertise and extensive technical resources allow us to design and manufacture bespoke solutions to meet our customer’s exacting business requirements.