Dyes & Markers

Facilitating fuel identification

We supply a wide range of hydrocarbon soluble dyes and markers for use in fuel systems. These additives impart distinctive colors to gasoline, middle distillates and other petroleum products, facilitating fuel identification for both fiscal and security purposes.

Our dyes and markers can:

  • Help distinguish easily between grades of fuel
  • Allow easier corporate identification
  • Meet various national/regional specifications
  • Support in the prevention of fuel adulteration/theft
  • Add to the aesthetic appeal of fuels

With over 20 individual dye colors available in liquid and solid form, a wide range of color variations can be produced. Our fiscal marker packages can also be provided to include dyes, extractable markers and tracers.

We can work with our customers to ensure their fuels meet required specifications, or to develop their own distinguishing fuel appearance.

Our range of dyes and markers includes the following colours:

  • Oil Blue A Powder
  • Oil Blue B Liquid
  • Oil Bronze Liquid
  • Oil Brown M2 Liquid
  • Oil Green M Liquid
  • Oil Green M2 Liquid
  • Oil Orange M Liquid
  • Oil Orange M2 Liquid
  • Oil Purple RS85 Liquid
  • Oil Purple M2 Liquid
  • Oil Red B Liquid
  • Oil Red B4 Liquid
  • Oil Red B4 (D75) Liquid
  • Oil Red B4 (D50) Liquid
  • Oil Red B4 AS Liquid
  • Oil Red ASW Liquid
  • Oil Yellow M Liquid
  • Oil Yellow R Liquid

Our range includes:

OIM 140

Part of Innospec’s range of fuel dyes and markers, the OIM 140 Series is based upon the CI Solvent Yellow 124 ‘Euromarker’ technology.

The series is based on well-proven marker technology and is easy to detect in the field.

OIM 170

Based on well proven-marker technology, the OIM 170 Series of marker dyes utilizes positive extraction from fuel to produce a colored layer

The distinctive extraction colors in the range ensure that fuels are easy to detect in the field.

OIM 1020

Part of Innospec’s range of fuel dyes and markers, the OIM 1020 series is based on a new, non-extractable marker technology.

The series provides near infrared solutions, and no extractant chemicals are required in its use.

This innovative range can also be combined with our Performance Specialties multi-functional additive packages.