Performance Fuel Specialties

Helping to create today’s high performance fuels

To deliver maximum performance, modern engines need the very best fuels.

Low quality fuels can compromise vehicle operations. They impact power, increase engine noise and affect fuel economy. Untreated fuels can lead to an excess of corrosion, injector fouling and harmful emissions.

But Innospec’s Performance Specialties fuel additives offer a wide range of solutions to upgrade the performance of fuels.

We are the world’s only fuel additive manufacturer solely dedicated to fuel and fuel additive technology. Our team is focused on the high performance premium diesel and gasoline markets.

Whether a customer is looking to open up new markets, develop new products or optimize performance of a particular type of fuel, our team has the market knowledge, technical expertise and capability to deliver customer and application specific fuel treatments.

Our experience and expertise make us the perfect partner for innovative fuel branding.

Multifunctional performance fuel additive solutions

Innospec fuel additives do more than deliver enhanced performance.

Our range of performance additives can reduce emissions, improve fuel handling, increase fuel economy, reduce deposits and protect against corrosion.

Our fuel additive solutions help fuel marketers and fleets to maximize diesel and gasoline quality from available fuel.  They provide a cost-effective method of differentiating products for the market.