Optimum fuel performance in today’s high-performance engines

Containing less than 15ppm sulfur, modern ultra-low sulfur diesels (ULSD) are designed to provide a cleaner alternative to traditional fuels. However, a consequence of the desulfurization process used to remove sulfur from fuel streams is that it also has severe effects on fuel properties.

As well as affecting a fuel’s natural lubricity, conductivity and other aspects, this desulfurization process also removes nitrogen and oxygen. Without these naturally occurring components, there can be problems with a fuel’s low-temperature handling, thermal stability and corrosion potential.

When ULSD is used in modern High Pressure Fuel Injectors and High Pressure Common Rail engines, thermal decomposition of the fuel can cause a variety of issues, such as filter plugging, injector fouling and diminished fuel efficiency.

Pushing ULSD to a whole new level

To address these issues, Innospec created ECOCLEAN® – a line of revolutionary additives that help you extract maximum benefit from today’s modern fuels and high-tech engines.

Developed alongside OEMs, the ECOCLEAN® line helps fuel to survive the stresses of advanced fuel injection systems. Whether you operate in a mine, a transit authority, an OTR fleet or a waste hauler, ECOCLEAN® products will take your engine performance to a new level.

ECOCLEAN® 4200 delivers the following benefits in all diesel engines:

  • Reduces cost of maintenance and downtime
  • Cleans and prevents all types of injector deposits formed in high pressure common rail systems
  • Prevents fuel soot and sludge formation caused by the thermal stressing within the engine, extending fuel filter, injector, lube oil, and fuel pump life
  • Restores lost horsepower and fuel economy
  • Reduces exhaust emissions and soot generation, thereby reducing DPF manual regenerations
  • Provides thermal and oxidative stability, lubricity, corrosion protection, and water dispersancy

In addition, ECOCLEAN® POWER PLUS also:

    • Increases Cetane number 3-5

View the press release to Innospec Ecoclean® Additive Package approved for Top Tier™ Diesel from the link below:

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