Fuel Antioxidants

Stabilizing fuels with antioxidants

As refiners seek to maximize the production of high value products, there is increased pressure to include inherently unstable, highly olefinic, cracked component streams into the gasoline blending pool.

The presence of olefinic components can cause undesirable stream and fuel characteristics, such as short induction periods, darkening and gum formation. The addition of our fuel antioxidants can stabilize highly olefinic streams, overcoming these issues.

These additives extend the induction period and eliminate free radical chain reactions involved in hydrocarbon oxidation, thus controlling gum formation. This can help refiners meet national and corporate gasoline stability specifications.

We offer two different types of antioxidant chemistry, phenylene diamines and alkylated phenols. Our antioxidants can be used for both gasoline and jet fuel applications.

The antioxidant selection and concentration levels depend on a variety of factors, such as storage conditions and fuel composition.

Our alkylated phenol based antioxidants are more cost-effective solutions for stabilizing fuels with low olefin contents (less than ~10 per cent). As olefin levels increase, our phenylene diamine products provide increased performance.

Our antioxidant range includes:

Phenylene diamine antioxidants

  • AO – 22
  • AO – 24

Alkylated phenol antioxidants

  • AO-29
  • AO-30
  • AO-31
  • AO-32
  • AO-37
  • AO-80
  • AO-88
  • AO-87
  • AO-85

We also offer a wide range of multifunctional packages, including highly concentrated phenol/amine blends, which are particularly effective in high olefin fuels (> 20 per cent). These packages incorporate a variety of components providing several benefits, outlined below:

Our technical experts are on hand to provide technical service support in selecting the best antioxidant for specific customers’ requirements