Octane Number Improvers

Improving fuel performance

Octane Number is commonly used as a measure of the performance of ground and aviation gasolines. Higher octane rated fuels are generally perceived to provide higher performance.

Octane Number Improvers are the most cost-effective way for a refinery to meet its Octane Number specification. The use of Octane Number Improvers provides vast savings compared to increasing numbers by refinery blending. The additives also increase refinery blend flexibility.

Innospec offers four octane enhancing options:

  • Octaburn™ 8000 Series – based on methylcyclopentadienyl manganese tricarbonyl chemistry
  • PLUTOcen® G Series – high purity ferrocene chemistry
  • IOB-3000 Series – non-metallic organic octane booster.
  • IOB Series – non-metallic organic octane booster

Both the Octaburn™ and PLUTOcen® series are high-purity organometallic antiknock additives. The highly effective solutions provide refineries with an economic means of improving the Octane Number of motor gasoline.

When used in low concentrations, they provide refiners with increased flexibility in meeting gasoline octane specifications and reducing refinery emissions.

The IOB-3000 & 5000 Series provide refineries with a method of achieving an Octane Number increase of up to 6 RON. As a non-metallic Octane Number Improver, IOB-3000 & IOB-5000 are suitable for use in markets where metals are undesirable in fuels.