Stabilizers And Dispersants

Prevent deposit build-up and fuel degradation

Innospec’s stabilizers and dispersants are an essential ingredient in improving power plant efficiency.

Fuel quality naturally degrades over time. Plant operators continuously require optimum fuel efficiency, posing a problem for long-term fuel storage. Innospec’s range of stabilizers provides greater fuel stability for heavy fuel oils, even blended fuels.

Fuel deposits impact burner efficiency and increase maintenance costs and downtime. Dispersants can break down compounds which cause sedimentation in tanks, reducing soot, build-up and sludge. Our portfolio of asphaltene and wax dispersants can:

  • improve combustion efficiency
  • increase boiler efficiency
  • lower fuel consumption
  • increase fuel economy
  • reduce emissions
  • optimise power plant maintenance.

Our range of stabilisers and dispersants can be used in conjunction with combustion catalysts for optimum plant efficiency.